What is Soul Retrieval?

As you know, everyone on planet earth has experienced some kind of emotional upset or trauma and when it is left unprocessed or unresolved it can have a huge effect on your life today. The truth is, it can be healed. WHAT IS SOUL RETRIEVAL? Soul retrieval is an authentic emotional healing technique that uses […]

Do you keep repeating the same patterns over and over again?

Life is continuously providing us with messages and information. When we do not listen, then the messages become lessons. When we do not learn, the lessons become problems. When we do not address the problems, they become crises. When crises are left unresolved, they create chaos in our lives. Just imagine how life would be […]

Find Your Sage! New Online Membership Community for Holistic Healing Practitioners!

Check out the new business I just launched! It is a membership directory of sages, wisdom keepers, and all types of holistic healing practitioners and modalities! Join as a member or a guest! Please share! 💕🙏💕https://findyoursage.com This is expected to become the world’s largest and most authentic holistic healing community! Join as a member or […]

Sedona Shamanic Healing Vortex Experience

Join Rebekah (a local native who has been guiding travelers coming to Sedona since 2007) for an authentic shamanic healing experience at the heart of Sedona’s vortex energy. We will sit atop one of Sedona’s most sacred mountains and feel the healing energy of the land. Learn the scientific and spiritual aspects of the Sedona […]