Find Your Sage is the world’s most authentic online holistic healing community.

Looking for wisdom or healing? Here you can find and learn about all types of holistic and natural healing methods, modalities, ceremonies, and more. Find your sage as a client searching for someone that can help you with whatever wisdom or healing you seek.

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What is a sage? A sage is someone who is known for their profound wisdom and has some kind of unique gift or healing ability to help others no matter what religion, culture, or beliefs.

Our Mission is to support spiritual healers in bringing their unique gifts and wisdom forward.

Founder, Rebekah J Simpson has carried a vision since a young child that she would one day be able to bring this community together and support their purpose. In 2020 “Find Your Sage” was launched. Rebekah is a life coach, soul retrieval specialist and practicing spiritual business coach since 2007. Learn more about Rebekah.